July 22, 2005

The 'J' factor

oh c'mon guys, this was gonna come sooner or later. for cross reference, one can always check up on raj's blog, dealing with the D factor. so what's with J now? yup, thou guess't it right. another invisible sphere that differentiates the haves from the havenots. and what is it the haves have or the havenots haven't? it's a decent Job. believe me when i say there are times when it is just too damn difficult to even lift up my head while walking in the corridors. there's that invisible J halo around everyone else's sniggering face. and it really takes a lot to step up and congratulate those who have landed a coveted career when i'm still seething behind my mask of accepted-failure, especially when i think that i am much more worthy of especially that coveted thing than the congratulatee. but of course, whenever did what-i-think-of-myself matter anyway? walking along the edges of the corridors, trying best to avoid everyone's sypathetic gaze, ducking into corners to actually evade individuals... oh my frigging god! i'm a convicted criminal already! noooooo somebody bail me out!!! oh and incidentally, i think the usage of 'bail' is the same in either bailed out of prison, or bailing somebody out of a sinking ship...

neways, so getting back to my original lament, i think all the geniuses of this world have contrived to come up with a most ingenious plan to compel me to undertake Mortification of the Body.. by actually suggesting that i needed a tie. coz u see, same dress, same tests, same results for a week. would adding a tie alter the result? gonna find out 2moro. so my advice to all jobless loafers out there. don't change your dress for teh next interview, just put on a tie. and for cripe's sake let nature take it's toll on that facial hair. no need to hinder the natural growth process of a patch of hair.. you wouldn't be able to find them anyway in a few years.. so let them flourish while they can.. unless ofcourse, it hinders your eating habits. by which time you should have changed your eating habits... speaking of eating habits, this quasi-intellectual needs to stuff some stuff somewhere, so so long..

July 19, 2005

Life is just a huge real time MMO-RPG

Glory be to thee, O proud runner,
and since i'm not a good punner
i'll stop writing such shit
that your eyes don't see fit
to sit beside so many a stunner...

idiotic and stupid as it sounds, this was inspired by my blog being accepted into the da-iict's rss feed (i'll leave finding out the connection for you, i'm not that stupid :P) and as for akshat, i appreciate this gesture, but i'll feel better only after i've seen some of those elusive comics!!!

at this juncture, when all the world is busy fighting their lives for their future, i take a moment to bring to your notice, that the future is but fickle, and lost souls like myself shouldn't be feeling too sad, just bad. or not. for where in lies the adventure, if the next five years become predictable? where will your spirit soar, if it is fettered by shackles of bonded labour? anyways like i said, souls like myself feel a need to justify their complete uselessness somehow, so we pretend to not notice what's going in the real world, and tend to slip into our very own world. where kalimdor is at war with azeroth, and character files tend to get corrupted. but a better world (mmo/rpg, that is) would be where every CJ can choose his own Kendl, and still go to war with the ballas fools. or where Sweet is really your brother, and not just a useless bot. idea courtesy the original thinker, a.k.a. g.o0o.se. or maybe where the ballas fools had the help of orcs, and humans had to side with grove street as their only hope. hmm. got to work out the details. and oh, btw, did i mention that people in my world tend to lose touch with your world to the extent that they don't care about their future? no? not that they really do care at all...

been too much outta touch, so get back ta ya l8r...

The moonglade is lovely, dark and deep,
But i have quests to complete,
And blogs to read before i sleep,
And blogs to read before i sleep.